Cathedral Rocks, Kiama Downs, Australia. ©Photographer, Arnie DeLaite

Cathedral Rocks, Kiama Downs, Australia. ©Photographer, Arnie DeLaite

Our Story

Eloura’s story originates from the unique flora and biodiversity of Australia’s South Coast. Other inspiration for the concept of Eloura emanates from the unique ambience of Cathedral Rocks, famous for its tall basalt pillars stretching out of the glistening ocean. Nearby are rocky cliffs composed of unique Basalt Volcanic Stone. This area is home to where the founder, André DeLaite grew up. .

André has strived to capture the exotic, uplifting and invigorating experience unique to this region and Australia across Eloura’s variety of products by using sustainably sourced Australian essential oils in unique and natural formulae.

For over twenty thousand years, the indigenous, Australian Aboriginal people knew of the richness of this region, known to them as “Eloura,” which is today the area stretching from South Sydney to Jervis Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The original people of this region known as the the Dhawaral, named this area “Eloura,” meaning…